Combining the pop song form with an improvisatory freedom of expression, five piece ON DIAMOND are a genre breaking act lead by songwriter/vocalist Lisa Salvo. The band's energetic sound is made up of cascading melodies, unfettered effects and an interactive group dynamic.

Following on from Lisa’s debut dream-folk album I Could Have Been A Castle (released digitally 2014 and on vinyl 2015 via Eastmint Records), the band evolved into a more collaborative project, moving further away from a conventional pop sound and into the avant garde, while firmly anchored by incisive songwriting. Traces of rock, noise, folk and improvised music can all be found within On Diamond’s approach.

On Diamond’s self-titled debut album was released April 2019 via Eastmint Records to critical acclaim, scoring a coveted triple whammy of Album of the Week on 3RRR 102.7, PBS 106.7 and 4ZZZ 102.1. The LP is a perfect snapshot of their work - a journey into the subconscious expressed outwardly in chaos and beauty, with themes of the inner world on strong display.

On Diamond

Lisa Salvo - vocals/songwriter
Scott McConnachie - guitar
Hannah Cameron - guitar/vocals
Maria Moles - drums
Jules Pascoe - bass

(previous members:
Joe Talia - drums
Stewart Taylor - bass)